Ukraine DAO Donator & FreeRossDAO Donator BUG

About the BUG of Ukraine DAO Donator & FreeRossDAO Donator, because the current interaction logic of the two DAOs is donation, that is, anyone can donate at any time, there are some loopholes. For example, if I now donate to The wallet of Ukraine DAO Donator & FreeRossDAO, I will also be judged qualified. But this is not fair to those who donated before, and the laters are taking advantage of the “loophole”, which depends on how you judge, whether it is a loophole depends on your decision.


Hello, clona!

This would be a loophole if the badge’s name was ‘FreeRossDAO Early Donator’. It is not a badge for early donors. Therefore, if you donate even now, you will be eligible for those badges.

However, it is true that it is an important aspect to consider when making other badges. Thanks!