There is insufficient publicity for noox

The future of the web3 credential platform is well known to all crypto investors.
However, there is insufficient publicity for noox.
How about publicity in each country through the support of influencers and ambassadors?
(Because I want to)


gm, Rangerover.

Yes, I also believe a web3 credential platform should be well known to as many cryptorians as possible. However, for now, we’re somewhat purposefully being silent since we’re in a closed beta.

The real game hasn’t even begun yet.

And, I’ve noticed that you’ve shared many suggestions and ideas on our forum. Your contributions will definitely help Noox to become even better!


Talk more

!! :grin:

about my IDEA


Ini sangat keren saya yakin ini akan sukses

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中文群慢慢有热度了,希望继续加油 :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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