The received badge has not arrived!!

I have received several, why is the badge not displayed? ? eth has also confirmed the payment.

My wallet address:

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Hello! We found that there is an issue regarding claiming process and soon will release an announcement on the discord channel. Sorry for your inconvenience.

There was a temporary error where Noox server was connected to inaccurate address. As a result, a total of 42 badge claim requests between block 14703337 and 14703824 were sent to inaccurate address (0x93b381563725fADdf8CEF2FD8E81eEc8ccCDa172).

We have already refunded all fees, including minting fee and gas spent during this time totaling 0.1319740954 ETH. The issue has been resolved and we ask everyone to visit to re-claim all badges.

We apologize for any inconvenience.