Systematic optimization of talents

  1. Reduce the difficulty of claim
  2. Badge content can cover multiple dimensions
  3. Recommend tasks to achieve project contributions, early bird +
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Hello! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

Would you please elaborate more on 1 and 2? I’d like to hear more details about them :smiley:

1. My understanding is that the cost of GAS is relatively increased, and the cost of other chains that can be used to match ETH is appropriate.
' ' If it is ETH alone, a hundred flowers will bloom. It is a kind of future network era, and a hundred flowers must bloom.
ETH, can be used as the main example, using appropriate means, naturally use ENS 1-2 addresses
And Knox needs 3 people to get the name
Or open, which can wait until a year after next year
2. The buyer of the name does not like it, and the consumer holder holds it.
For example, the planning of NOOX is still good, and now the internal measurement is not perfect, and everyone understands it.

I hope you all grow together and learn from each other in the end

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