Some questions abount noox token and badge

Q1: why not constitution dao list at badge, actually it is the first famous dao
Q2:if i can claim high level badge, do i need to claim lower one?(for example, i can claim uniswap epic badge, do i need to claim unique swapper one?)
Q3:if i claim badge now, can i claim PRENOOX token? i claim some badges already, but PRENOOX is 0
thank u

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gm, neooo!

Let me answer your questions, ser :smiley:

Q1: New badges will be added till the end of the world.

Q2: Level system will be implemented in the near future. It is your choice whether or not to claim a lower level badge.

Q3: Claim-to-Earn campaign for CBT has ended. Currently, $preNOOX is only available to those who participated in CBT.

Thanks!! Questions are welcome at any time!