Nice badge. I like it very much.

Well, I get five, which is not much. Some people get more, and gas is a little expensive, which makes many people unable to afford it and discouraged them.
It’s a little troublesome to search for the badges you can receive. If you can search for the badges you can receive with one click and collect them in batches, and at the same time minimize the gas, I believe more users will participate. Or, it’s also good to switch to polygon or binance!


Hello, ou8686!

If we start supporting on-chain data on other chains, we might support the feature of claiming badges on other chains.

As we currently support on-chain data on Mainnet, we minted the badges on Mainnet to maximize the future use of composability and to match as much as possible with the badge’s underlying data.

For example, achievements of chain A will always be minted on chain A. Achievements of chain A won’t be minted on chain B.

And, search function is one of the features that are to be implemented soon! Thank you for suggesting :smiley: