My address isn't list of testers

Hi i am was claim my first badge on first day, it means i paid 0.002 eth plus fee, but badge still not showing in my profile and so my address isn’t list of testers here

My txn: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Can you please help to relosve this not good situation?

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There was a temporary error where Noox server was connected to inaccurate address. As a result, a total of 42 badge claim requests between block 14703337 and 14703824 were sent to inaccurate address (0x93b381563725fADdf8CEF2FD8E81eEc8ccCDa172).

We have already refunded all fees, including minting fee and gas spent during this time totaling 0.1319740954 ETH. Please check ‘Internal Txns’ tap on Etherscan. The issue has been resolved and we ask everyone to visit to re-claim all badges.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Okay, i am claimed badge now. Can i be included in sheet list of testers?

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You will be on the list of Batch 2. You’re totally fine!

In batch 2 rewards will be equals as batch 1? per each badge i mean

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Yes, the total amount of rewards are equally divided into 4 batches. But, the amount of rewards per badge may change.

At the end of each batch, the % of $NOOX each user is eligible to receive is calculated by dividing the total number of badges you claimed by the total number of badges claimed for that entire batch.

If a total of 100 badges were claimed during the 1st batch, and if you claimed 10 badges, then you are eligible for 10% of $NOOX for that batch.

10 badges in the first batch may receive more(or less) tokens than 10 badges in the third batch.