How about Voting or Crowdsourcing?

I think

U need to more badge in cryto

but there are too many…If many people want to something…

It’s Correct…I Think

So how about collect IDEA badge Type in Discord?
Or how about using Voting Platform? example…Snapshot

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Hi, Rangerover!

Collecting badge ideas, is this what you mean, ser?

Btw, more badges will be added soon!

you’re right. The type of badge is now chosen by the moderator. In fact, it does not satisfy all the requirements of users.
Normal traders who are not whale traders did not do APE minting, etc.

We need to allow regular traders to earn a lot of Noox badges.
For example,

  1. Do your research on the noox badge you would like to receive on Discord or forum. However, there must be sufficient persuasive evidence. As if performing platform analysis through DUNE

  2. Vote for the most popular badge. Voting will use to authenticate existing Noox Token holders and grant more qualifications. Like forming a DAO

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