Gitcoin Donator and Zapper NFT Minter

from the good I really liked your idea, you are super.

  1. gitcoin
    most likely when I donated on gitcoin, I hid my wallet address from the public, now I can’t claim the badge
  2. Zapper
    I keep 3 nfts that I claimed

Can I still claim badges?


Hello, koto!

I appreciate your love for Noox! :heart:

  1. Noox currently supports on-chain data on Ethereum mainnet. Did you donate on Mainnet? or did you donate via other chains like Zksync?

  2. Are those Zapper Season 1 NFTs?

  1. thank you now I understand, the second time I donated through Zksync, several transactions at once
  2. yes it is Zapper Season 1 NFT
    this my acc opensea
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Noox Badge for Zapper Season 1 NFT will be added in the public beta!


Thanks for answer) to the moon

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if there is a gitcoin donation for NOOX ?

I haven’t seen yet but were for poaps in past rounds