Areas for improvement

  1. badges as a credential, I think should be free, and also cost gas. in addition, I hope to be able to collect in other chains, in the Ether, the cost is too high. 2. some tasks are too demanding, I hope to reduce the difficulty a little. 3. too few items involved, hope to increase some. 4. add a one-click collection function. 5. add a badge that can be seen in one click can be collected, or can The brightness of the badges that can be claimed is brighter, while the ones that cannot be claimed are darker.

GM, cxsyt! Wow, great suggestions!

  1. Since Ethereum is a chain where more various on-chain activities occur compared to other chains, we will initially start with Ethereum. Before supporting other chains, we will cover more of achievements on Mainnet first. But, our future plans include adding support for more chains.

    1. There are both hard and easy ones. But, as you know, this is just a beginning of Noox. We plan to add more various and complex badges in the near future. And we want to make a wiki for on-chain achievements across the Web3. Anyone will be able to suggest and actually publish badges.
  1. For future features, our team is considering auto-verification and bulk claims, making it more convenient for users to verify and claim badges.

  2. Yes, I agree that there should a clear difference between claimable ones and those that aren’t. We’ll certainly make it happen!

You’re truly a great thinker! Thank you for your contribution to Noox.