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Since it is carried out through Ethereum Mainnet, it is bound to incur a lot of fee burden.

I’m worried that this will reduce participation a little.


I agree with kooli, gas fees will reduce adoption
Also, manually checking and claiming badges is tedious process if you have many badges
Being able to mass claim badges would be good and might reduce claims gas costs


Two features I wish:

  • see for which badgets I’m eligible
  • search functions for badges
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Some feedback here:
1.Can we add an option for check all the eligible badges in one-click action?
2.Can we pay for the gas fee for all the claimers?
3.Or deploit our badge in polygon for lower fee?
BTW,our UI and badges design is awesome,thanks for the hard working.
LFG :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I liked the design of the badges and the functionality of the site. It wasn’t hard to get badges. It would be great to create a feature to automatically find the icons that I’m eligible for. And also get them in one transaction (saving gas).

Very much looking forward to adding Fantom, Avax, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, etc.
I happen to use different wallets for networks))


It’s better to add a search buton so that customer can input ‘key word’ such as eth/metamask to reach the items.

Regarding the timeliness of badge acquisition, if you can still get badge entries through tasks at this stage, I hope there will be a link to jump to the corresponding task interface, so that users can be more clear about what to do, and there is gas on the ETH main network. The fee is too expensive, can I migrate to Layer 2 to reduce the gas fee for getting badges?

The badge is really nice, but it is too expensive to deploy on Ethernet,

Many tasks cannot be identified. Uni transactions use aggregators. Transactions that call uni like inch are not counted in. There are many tasks of Council of DFI governance. The number of snap votes is not counted. This is very unreasonable. Proof of regeneration GTC does not count the number of donations on the second floor, but it seems that the donations on the first floor are not counted. It’s OK to register one ENS. The minimum standard is 3. It seems that we generally don’t register so many.

I agree with some of opinions above, it would be very nice to see following options:

  • checking eligibility for all badges in one click
  • claiming all/chosen badges in one click
  • polygon/l2 solution for lower costs
    -possibility to search other profiles by ETH address to see what badges they have

UI very clean and good looking!!

Many tasks are not recognized. Uni transactions use aggregators. Transactions calling uni like inch are not counted. The DFI Governance Committee has many tasks. The number of snapshot votes does not count. This is very unreasonable. The regeneration certificate GTC does not count the donations on the second floor, but it seems that the donations on the first floor do not count. Sign up for an ENS and that’s it. The minimum standard is 3. It seems that we generally don’t register this much.

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when the badges details page returns, the previous screening conditions will disappear and need to be re screened, which is inconvenient

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Can we pay for the gas fee for all the claimers?

when I finish my task and claim my badge, go back to the previous menu, can I go back to the project where I did the task, because there are so many projects, I also need to start from the beginning to find the next task

Would be great after cheking elegibility for a badge claim to go back to the place where you stop checking bagdes. or if could see all the bagdes you are elegibal to claim and not to check them manually.

Whether to add a project link to the project of each page to facilitate checking and confirmation

Hope to have more language versions

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